Organic Gardening Magazine

Gardening is a hobby. People all over the world like to do gardening. Gardens are the places of beauty and peace. Gardening can be done in different ways. In this article we are dealing with organic gardening. The concept of organic gardening is yet very much clear to several gardeners.

The main difference of organic gardening and ordinary garden is that, in organic gardening the gardeners do not apply fertilizers as well as pesticides that have been made artificially on the plant. But incase of normal or ordinary gardening the gardeners use different types of fertilizers and pesticides that have been produced chemically.

This type of gardening is of great importance. Plants have been considered essentially a part of an entire system that lies in this world. The life of a plant starts from soil and comes to an end to it. Thus their connections are with the soil. To encourage the growth of plant the soil must be treated well. Natural, fertilizers or composts are usually mixed with the soil. These natural products are generally obtained from the wastes produced by animals and plants.

The plant wastes include scarps of the vegetables, clippings of grasses, the leaves that has fell down on the ground. These organic materials being decomposed form organic compounds. Thus the life comes to an end. Again, as the wastes products mix up with the soil, a new plant would grow. This signifies the growth of life.

It has been said that nothing is being done to promote the decay of plants. On the other the rate of production has been encouraged to great extent. As a consequence of which the balance of both the growth as well as decay have occured.Moreover, the addition of chemicals have made the soil poisonous. But these problems can be sorted out by using good quality of compost.

The compost has good capacity to hold water. As a result, it can prevent drought. Compost makes the soil fertile. Composts enhance the rate of the process of decay.But; definitely it maintains the balance of the processes of growth and decay. Composts are organic substances. They must be mix with the soil on regular basis. The soil receives all the important nutrients from this organic substance. Thus they are found to give rise various types of plants.

All the plants are found to be beautiful as well as healthy. Another very important thing that must be noted is, all plants are not suitable to grow in any climatic and environmental conditions.Thus, one must be very careful to make the right choice of plants that are suitable to the factors that have been mentioned.

Thus selection of site is very vital to give rise to several healthy plants. One can get every information regarding this type of gardening from various magazines available in the market.