Organic Gardening Catalogue

A European organization named garden organic (HDRA) has made a catalogue for official purpose. This catalogue has been termed as Organic Gardening Catalogue. The two quite old suppliers of the products used for organic gardening are Chase organics in Hers ham and Surrey in UK in collaboration with the said organization have great contributions for running of this catalogue. These two suppliers usually provide composts, fertilizers, seeds, pest control, tools, weed controls, books etc to the gardeners of the organic gardens.

There are several reasons why the suppliers provide organic materials to the gardeners. Actually these substances are provided to make the garden healthy as well as lively. These substances help to grow clean, fresh and also tasty foods. These organic substances replace all pesticides and fertilizers that are produced chemically. Thus they help to restore the surroundings for today and tomorrow. Generally, two types seeds are found to be provided to the gardeners.

They are organic seeds and non organic seeds. The organic seeds are usually obtained from the plants that have been found to be grown according to the principles of organic gardening. In this case, no chemically formed manures have been used to grow these plants. It must be said, here that there is not a single organic seed present in the catalogue, do not contain the logo of organic. Again, the non-organic seeds have been obtained from the plants, which have been produced by the growers of organic plants.

The seeds that are usually sold by these suppliers do not contain any coat made chemically.Earlier, organic seeds were not found frequently in the market. As a result, all the gardeners of this type of garden had to procure the non organic seeds from the market. But the situation has now changed to a great extent. At present several sources are fond to be available from where one can collect organic seeds. Lots of sources from where these seeds can be procured have been listed in the catalogue created by Garden Organic.

These seeds have been found to be used to grow varieties of plants. These include different flower plants, vegetable plants, fruit plant, herbs, crops and many more. One can buy organic products that have been listed in the said catalogue. For doing so no membership is required. But, it would be definitely better to have membership in the organization. There are several facilities that a member usually receives from the organization.

The member can get a colored magazine named the Organic way that contains all the information about the organic catalogue. He or she may get ten percent discount on each item listed in the catalogue. The member may also receive the opinions of the experts of the organization.