Organic Gardening Compost

To grow plants one must maintain the soil properly. It has been said that one must feed the soil before planting trees in the gardens. If the soil has been prepared well, then nothing has to be done for maintaining the plants. The maintenance of soil is a subject that needs too much of attention to understand it fully.

However, it must be said that the subject about soil maintenance has been termed as composting. In the opinion of Elliott Coleman the production of good quality of compost has been found to be a work of great importance. Thus great effort must be given to produce this compost.

When living things breathe last, all parts of their bodies are found to be decomposed into organic compounds. These organic compounds ultimately mix with the soil. As a result, recycling process takes place and a new life is formed once again. This law of returning on the earth is a creation of nature itself. Here, mention must be made of the farmers' .Actually, they are the men who increase the fertility of the soil and encourage the growth of new plants.

The fertility of the soil is increased by mixing animal and plant wastes to it. Compost which has been prepared well is an ideal food for the soil. This is the way that can be adopted to turn a weak as well as sickly soil into a healthy one. Composting of soil has definitely increases the process of decay but only by maintaining the balance of growth and decay. More the soil is made fertile, more the growth takes place.

In the words of Sir Albert Howard the processes of restoring and maintaining the fertility of soil have now become a matter of great concern throughout the world. Too much effort has been given to increase the rate of growth. While nothing has been adopted to do the same in case of the process of decay. A huge gap has been made between the processes of growth and decay .Moreover, the use of artificial fertilizers has made the soil poisonous. The entire process of farming has lost its balance.

According to Keith well composting of soil would prevent the growth of pests and different diseases. It would even fix the weeds .Composts enhances the soils capacity to hold water. Thus it prevents droughts. Composts can be made in the nature as well. Termites are found to build several tiny piles of composts beneath the soil. They made these piles by using pulps of the woods.

This process actually gives rise to the fungus in the gardens. These are the only food of the termites .Different worms are also found to produce composts.However, the termites are scientifically considered as the composters.