Organic Gardening Pest Control

Pesticides are used for protecting garden from moles, voles, deer, groundhogs, rabbits and many other insects of different types. To deal with these unwanted visitors in the garden some methods are taken systematically and which is commonly known as pest control system. It is very much essential to apply this system of pest control in a garden which includes different types of application for thwarting the enemies of the garden.

Recently developed organic pest control is the most effective repulsive agent to fight out with the moles, voles and many other intruders in the garden. This pest control is harmless for human beings, economical as this product is developed from natural resources and not by using of artificial chemicals which basically brings human illness. Amongst the organic pest control system 'Mosquito Magnet' is the most popular one.

One of the major enemies of gardens is the deer. These pests carry the disease called lyme in the garden. Thus preventive measures must be taken to restrain their entry in the garden. This can be done by growing varieties of plants in the garden. There are lots of feeders are available that makes the garden free from squirrels. Several ground covers are also found to be used to control the entry of different pests in the garden.

If one wants to restrict the 'deer' pests to enter the garden then the person must grow those plants that are not usually eaten by these pests of the garden. These plants have lots of different utility for which they must be grown in the garden. In this regard, it must be said that deer ticks are much more dangerous the deer pests. To prevent them many plants that are grown to restrict the deer must planted.Neem oil which are usually taken out of the seeds of neem tree.

The said oil is a very good insectide.This prevents the growth of several types of insects on the trees present in a garden. While working out in a garden a person must use different types of repellents to control the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes lay eggs in the garden .this give rise to some chronic diseases. The repellents used in the garden are of great help to find out the nest of the mosquitoes there.

Voles harm the garden to a great extent. The roots of the plants are eaten by voles. They also harm the big trees and shrubs present in the garden. In order to stop their harmful activities, one must positively use traps, repellents, fences and different types of poisons. Precautions must also be taken to control the entry of groundhogs, wild rabbits, moles, in the garden. Otherwise, they may damage the garden to a great extent.